2 March 2012

Disco Hates Shattered Jazz' by Disco Delite

Named after a friend who really did hate jazz, Johnny Hates Jazz released their first single, "Me and My Foolish Heart", on RAK Records in 1986. After searching for a major record label deal they landed one towards the end of 1986 with Virgin Records after a gig at, ironically enough, a jazz club. The group's debut single for Virgin, "Shattered Dreams", became a hit in 1987, reaching number 5 in the UK Singles Chart and number 2 in the U.S. charts. The group's debut album, Turn Back the Clock, also proved successful, reaching number 1 on the UK Albums Chart. They had three more Top 20 singles in the UK from this album: "I Don't Want to Be a Hero" , "Turn Back the Clock" , and "Heart of Gold", which was their last hit single.