30 November 2009

Alexander Robotnick "Problemes d'amour"

aka "Maurizio Dami" an Italian music producer. He makes his debut on the Italian music scene as the founding-member of Avida, a "dance -cabaret band" featuring Daniele Trambusti and Stefano Fuochi and releasing a 7'' track "La bustina" published by Materiali Sonori in 1981. In 1983 he then attains international popularity under the pseudonym "Alexander Robotnick" and his track "Problèmes d'amour", published first by the Italian label Materiali Sonori and then by Sire-Wea , becomes a "cult track" of dance music.


6 November 2009

"Flight Mix" By Disco Delite

Track Listing

1. Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (Justin Martin Mix)
2. Roksopp - Sparks (Mandy Remix)
3. Funk D'void vs Chicco Secci - Emotional Content (Original Mix)
4. LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous (Remix)
5. The Shortwave Set - Now Til 69 (Areoplane Remix)
6. Laughing Light Of Plenty - Rose
7. Mr Flagio - Take A Chance (Instrumental)
8. Acos Coolkas - Stellar Way

Touch Sensitive - Body Stop (Toby Tobias Remix)

Disco dilettante Toby Tobias has worked wonder's with this remix, and with a record, which in my opinion was a well produced original track already.

3 November 2009

Tony Orlando - Don't Let Go (Pete Herbert Edit)

Mr Orlando cut his first song at the tender age of 16 (it was a minor hit). In 1961 at the age of 17, he had consecutive top 40 hits, co-authored by Carol King, "Halfway To Paradise" and "Bless You". They were followed up by "I Can't Stop Talkin' About You" and "The Edge Of Tears". He's group was offered their own summer variety TV series in 1974 and it clicked with audiences. Their Sonny & Cher-styled show, which mixed song and dance with light slapstick comedy, lasted two seasons from 1974 to 1976.


2 November 2009

J.J. Cale - Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)

J.J. Cale is an American songwriter and musician best known for writing two songs that Eric Clapton made famous, "After Midnight" and "Cocaine", as well as the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit "Call Me The Breeze". Some sources incorrectly give his real name as "Jean Jacques Cale".


1 November 2009

Massimo Barsotti D J - Whole Lotta Love

Barsotti D J's Italian electro versions of the Led Zepplin classic!! This leftfield killer is from 1983 and was released on cult Italo label Fuzz Dance. Not a lot is known of Barsotti and as far as i'm aware this was his biggest and only hit (I may be wrong). This is one seriously dirty, sleazy record. Over the years i've heard a lot of covers of this Led Zepplin track but this is my favourite.

Download vocal version

Download instrumental version